Saturday, November 27, 2010

Highlights from the week in NC

Watching the Corn Huskers win with Pop-pop.
Goofing around on Turkey Day

Playing in the backyard with Nanny and Nana & Papa's house

Cutest picture to date!

Eating a tomato from Gigi's garden (yes folks they are still producing tomatoes at the end of Nov.!) she ate the whole thing like it was candy!

We had a wonderful visit with family and friends. We got to go to Crabtree with Chad and Sarah on Monday evening & have a great time catching up on things with them. We saw our families throughout the week and chatted with Adam's sister on turkey day. Adam got a great black friday deal at 12:01am and that evening he and I went to the outlets and got another deal. All in all a wonderful week!

Benjamin's first Thanksgiving

Our Little Flower Girl

Picking up petals and saying, "clean up, clean up"

Waiting to take pictures

little ham!

so pretty! one of the bridesmaids flowers

Madeline did a great job in my cousin Ashley's wedding as the flower girl. She almost cried but saw mommy and was okay. She and Landon walked down the aisle together and when he got to me he said, "here" and gave Madeline's hand to me even though they had about two more rows to the front. Everyone giggled. It was a lovely wedding and a special experience that I was so blessed to be a part of. And they cutest moment before the wedding was when Madeline told Ashley that she looked like a princess.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 months old!

I cant beleive my baby boy is 2 months old! We took him for his 2 month wellness check but he also has a little cold so we held off on shots until next week. Here are a few stats for the two month mark:
- a little over 12 lbs. (60%tile)
- a little over 23 in. long (80%tile)
-15.5 in head circum. (35%tile)
- smiles at you
- coo's and makes adorable baby sounds
- will follow you or an object around with his eyes
- holds his head up really well
- likes to try and fly like superman during tummy time
- pushes up when on tummy and holds up for a little while
- has done a great job of taking both breast and bottle
- 100% breasfed
He is growing so fast! I cant beleive how long he is...but he is already in 3-6 month clothing comfortably. Such a cute, big boy!
Ps- I couldn't help but add the photo with Madeline...she loves her little brother and is so good with him!