Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kid's Day of Lexington

Madeline with her shades on. Very cute.
Her first balloon. Very exciting.
Tasting the ice from mommy's snow cone.
In true green baby fashion; with the SCE&G recycling guy.
One word: Hollywood.

We took Madeline to Kid's Day in Lexington on Sat. We had a great, FREE time! She even got her first face paint... a little pink flower. Of course it was a day for sunscreen and shade but we had a great time. We got lots of earth-friendly things too. Shopping totes, etc. and all free! They host this every year and if we are still in Lexington we will be sure to go!

Meeting Hannah Ellis!

Maddie and one of her Columbia grandmas.

Maddie and her
buddy Justin

Adam with Hannah. Maddie meeting Hannah.

Me, Hannah and Madeline.

Katie & Justin: She's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy the little moments that seem to just fly by!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Week!Random thoughts.

I love Earth week! Maddie was all dressed in her organic cotton but then again she is always a green baby:-) This has been a beautiful week even though work has sucked for me. Hannah is here! Congrats Vitters' Family! Madeline can't wait to meet her! Sat. we are taking Maddie to Lexington Kid's Day... should be fun... we will see how she does with costumed people. More later:-)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Not much is going on with us. Madeline's first Easter went well... she enjoyed her new books and her time at the Millers. She loved being the center of attention:-) We got some cute photos ( I will post them later)! I can't believe how fast she is growing up... in a little over a week she will be 8months old! That's crazy! I love seeing her discover new things with such joy and excitement. We think she is working on cutting teeth... she sure is drooling alot:-) Plus, she is really working on crawling... I am starting to wonder if she will walk first because she has started doing baby push-ups on her toes... so cute! Well, more about our lives and little angel soon...

Friday, April 3, 2009

First Zoo Trip and A Great New Store

Madeline's First trip to the zoo was great (though windy)! She was awake the (almost) whole time and looking around. Plus grandma and grandpa got to take us so I know they enjoyed that. She only fell asleep at the very end, in the aquarium. I loved the lorakeet habitat, I got to feed them nectar and Maddie was like, "what is on Mommy's arm?". All in all our weekend was wonderful particularly since the rain stopped and allowed us to take Madeline to the zoo.

PS- I found an amazing new store today called K.D.'s Treehouse on Devine St. that is a NATURAL AND ORGANIC kids clothing (& some toys) store. They have sizes from newborn to school age kids. And the prices are pretty good. Some things are pricey but I got Maddie a CUTE sleeper/romper for only $2.00 more than the same type of Carter's item. And I would say for organic cotton and no harsh chemicals or dyes... $2.oo is more than worth it! Check it out! Oh, plus if you are a new customer you get 10% off your first purchase!