Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow fun

Big girl car seat

Madeline has now graduated to a booster seat! Of course, it still has the 5-point harness for safety but our tall girl outgrew her other seat. I can't believe how quickly she's growing up! This seat will stay with her thru the rest of her time in a car seat since it is also a high back booster once she is too big for the 5 point harness.

Baking drawer quickie

I forgot the before shot but this drawer was a mess of spatulas and such that now have a much better home. I love it drawer, it's very "me". FYI, if you know me at all you know the only food coloring I bake with is natural fruit/veggie colors. The "bad colors" as my children call them are for coloring items that are not consumed, like play-dough and such.

Spice drawer makeover:-)

Another great idea via I still need a few more jars for my last few spices but overall, I LOVE IT! Perfect especially for someone who purchases spices in the bulk bins at whole foods and the spice house:-) the cute and functional spoons were only 2.99 at World Market, the drawer liner in wrapping paper and the little bins are from the Target $1 bins.Who says a makeover has to cost a ton?

                                   Before: not so pretty cloth napkin storage
Mid: I just love the pop of color!


Monday, February 18, 2013

A VERY productive weekend

As you may have been able to tell I have been in full organizing mode. I am in love with all the wonderful ideas on and Pinterest :-) this month is kitchen makeover month on iheartorganizing and here's my before and afters of my cookie cutter bin and pantry. Still working on my spice drawer so more to come on that soon:-) wall pops are a life saver for apartment life! However, we do have an awesome pantry for an apartment:-)

The messy bucket - o- cookie cutters

a "pretty'd up" plastic drawer from elsewhere in the house now houses the cookie cutters (and the other one has occasional use kitchen tools), all that's missing now are labels! Man I miss my P-Touch label maker...

Before Pantry Shot #1
Before #2, yes...those are golf clubs we kept forgetting to take to storage

Before #3, all  I can say is yikes!

After #1, complete with wall pops

Organized and functional:-)
Appliances have there own home

The lovely home to our weekly menu and grocery list (I can't take credit for the layout, found it on Pinterest) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's dinner

Not the best pictures but we enjoyed heart pizza, Caesar salad with yellow pepper and cucumber hearts and a fruit heart mini cheesecake for a special occasion treat:-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Pin-spired Valentines

Madeline's class has to bring 30 Valentines to exchange that do not have candy (I <3 that about their school!) I've been wanted to make shaped crayons since I saw my friend Morgan's cute ones on Facebook forever ago. So after my wonderful hubby found silicone heart ice trays in the target bin, an idea was born. I started scouring Pinterest and found cute printables for the base, cut some matching scrapbook paper, Madeline signed her name and Voila! These cute Valentines were born!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Haircuts for almost everyone

I figured with all my home and craft posts I better post some pictures of the kids for the family:-) tonight myself and the kids go haircuts. I am still amazed at how well Ben does! He just sits like a little pro. I love my cut and the kids loved getting lollipops:-)

Project of the Day

A day off...oh how I love it! I always get so much done! Today we tackled the foyer area. We have wanted to do something here since we moved but had finally had enough of tripping over shoes and dealing with a towel for snow boots. Plus, I'll be honest, my before picture posted here is light years better than the true before (no pics of that, sorry but I think it's a blessing). Especially since this area was home to the kiddos wagon for quite awhile.
The main issues we had to address were: piles of shoes (we have a no outdoor shoe rule FINALLY), piles of coats and gear and the morning rush to find the kiddos backpacks.

Solution #1: a $9 edged cookie sheet filled with smooth stones I have collected over the years on beach trips. ( I know that's odd, most people collect shells at the beach but hey, I think they are pretty). = instant boot/shoe draining mat.

Solution #2: brushed nickel command hooks. I love these things! Our walls are plaster which makes it near impossible to hang anything with weight so these are perfect. The each hold up to 5lbs. But best of all is that he coats all have a home. One hook per person.

Solution #3: the missing backpack. Now each kid has a basket they drop their backpack and hat, gloves, etc. into AT THE DOOR. So no more hunting while trying to rush out the door. Plus Adam & I share a basket for our gloves, hats, etc. the topper is a bench seat, perfect for the kids to put on boots on the way out as well.

Bonus: super cute walls! Before me moved I got my hands on some FREE wall pops and man am I glad I did! Our foyer looks stylish, even on a tiny budget.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Mantle

By now, if you know me, you know I LOVE decorating my fact, I don't know what I would to without this simply joy. I am especially proud of this mantle because with a little Pinterest-inspired creativity and a few things from around the house I think I pulled off a pretty cute mantle. My favorite is the mason jars...a little felt, ric rack, and hot glue, voila! And of course, what's a Valentine mantle without love? Any chance to show off our wedding pics:-) Hope you all think it's as cute as I do:-)

(Almost) Free at home Montessori tray for Valentine's Day

Here at the Connor house we've been working on organizing....A LOT! One of the projects that I wanted to incorporate into the kid's room as I worked on the layout was two "works" for each child that was age appropriate, educational, and seasonally themed (because everything is more fun with a theme right?) Okay, maybe not everything....but it sure makes this fun! Plus, they both have a natural love of learning that Montessori inspires. Why not keep the learning going at home?

So, while the room is FAR from done, I started this adventure in creativity; after all, I couldn't miss Valentine's Day. In came Pinterest, which led me to

Below are pictures of the finished product, and how it works. Basically, it's a visual for numbers. This is actually a great tray for the kids to do together as Madeline has this skill mastered but Ben is just learning his number recognition.

The only purchase for this project was the paper clips and beads, but sense they will be used many more times, not too shabby. I especially love my homemade lamination job. Extra wide clear packing tape is the trick. And now I don't have to worry about the cards getting ripped:-)

As for the other projects? There will be more pictures to come and I can't wait to post the final product!