Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project of the Day

A day off...oh how I love it! I always get so much done! Today we tackled the foyer area. We have wanted to do something here since we moved but had finally had enough of tripping over shoes and dealing with a towel for snow boots. Plus, I'll be honest, my before picture posted here is light years better than the true before (no pics of that, sorry but I think it's a blessing). Especially since this area was home to the kiddos wagon for quite awhile.
The main issues we had to address were: piles of shoes (we have a no outdoor shoe rule FINALLY), piles of coats and gear and the morning rush to find the kiddos backpacks.

Solution #1: a $9 edged cookie sheet filled with smooth stones I have collected over the years on beach trips. ( I know that's odd, most people collect shells at the beach but hey, I think they are pretty). = instant boot/shoe draining mat.

Solution #2: brushed nickel command hooks. I love these things! Our walls are plaster which makes it near impossible to hang anything with weight so these are perfect. The each hold up to 5lbs. But best of all is that he coats all have a home. One hook per person.

Solution #3: the missing backpack. Now each kid has a basket they drop their backpack and hat, gloves, etc. into AT THE DOOR. So no more hunting while trying to rush out the door. Plus Adam & I share a basket for our gloves, hats, etc. the topper is a bench seat, perfect for the kids to put on boots on the way out as well.

Bonus: super cute walls! Before me moved I got my hands on some FREE wall pops and man am I glad I did! Our foyer looks stylish, even on a tiny budget.

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