Sunday, February 13, 2011

Benjamin's 5 months old!

Here's some quick updates now that Ben is 5 months old:

- can roll from tummy to back

- has had his first taste of real food (acorn squash)

- enjoys his cereal

- sleeps from about 9pm until about 745am each night

- makes cute zerbert noises and grins like crazy

- does "tiny giggles" when you tickle his underarms

- can sit with support

- loves the ergo carrier; especially with mommy (he's my little koala)

- has been to the zoo for the first time

- finally let mommy stay in a church service the whole time
- still spits up a lot (hopefully that stops says until about 6 months)

Benjamin's First "real" Food (not cereal)

On Saturday Ben had his first taste of "real" food - acorn squash. I made it on Friday night and he had it for lunch on Saturday. He seemed to really enjoy it but it did give him some gas that evening...but then again his little tummy has never had anything but breastmilk and rice cereal so that was a big change. But he didn't ever spit it out...hope that means we have another veggie lover on our hands! :-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Benjamin's first zoo trip

Checking out the penguins
Once he woke up

Where am I? face

Woah! This place is awesome!

Attempt at a family shot.
Well today we went with Gigi and Pop-pa to the Riverbanks Zoo. It was Benjamin's first trip and he slept over 90% of the time. He did wake up in time to see the flamingos, penguins and the aquarium (but the last got cut short for a diaper change). He was wide eyed the whole time taking in all the sounds...
After that we fought traffic at Harbison to go to Babies R Us and then had an amazingly yummy dinner at Al Amir's on St. Andrews. All in all a very fun day; I can't wait to take Ben back to the zoo when he knows a little more of what is going on.

Riverbanks Zoo thru Madeline's Eyes

Today Madeline took her camera with us to the zoo and here are a few of the photo's she took...pretty impressive for a 2 1/2 year old if you ask me. Her favorite thing by far was the elephants but she also had a blast in the kangaroo habitat.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pine cone birdfeeder fun!

We had a fun time this morning learning about nature and making bird feeders out of pine cones...then Madeline helped daddy hang them in the trees out front. She was super excited! Be sure to check out how to make this super simple craft on my new eco-lifestyle blog (the link is at the top of this site)