Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Bee...

We now have quite a mover on our hands! Madeline is crawling full force and trying to get her hands on EVERYTHING! Adam and I have started doing weight watchers together and one things for sure... she is helping us gain "activity points" :-) On Thursday of this week we took dinner to our good friends The Vitters and got to see (& hold) little Hannah. Madeline did very well... she didn't seem jealous at all. It was great to see Katie and Hannah doing well and to chat with Katie. But back to the busy bee that Maddie has become... her favorite thing to try and get right now is daddy's PlayStation controllers. And she has found the "short cut" to get to us in the kitchen... right under the kitchen table! She is getting to be such a big girl so fast... it makes me have such a mix of emotion... Hopefully I will post some more pictures soon!

Oh... Madeline is also going to the beach with us and grandma and grandpa for the first time at the end of this month. I can't wait to dress her up in her cute bathing suit(s) and put her in her hippo float:-) I know there will be TONS of pictures from that!

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  1. We loved dinner, thank you so much! The sausage was too yummy. I"m going to have to get some of that. Thanks so much.

    I can't wait to see beach pictures. I'm sure they will be too cute.