Tuesday, July 28, 2009

11 months old!

As of Sunday our little one is officially 11 months old...one month left of being a "baby"...oh my...toddlerhood here we come!

Madeline is now: shaking her head no, "dancing", babbling, making her "Indian" noise with her hand over her mouth, working on cutting her top two teeth, trying to climb on things, crawling FAST, standing alone for about 10 sec., loves making noise with pots and pans, enjoys taking things out of drawers or bags, puts her blocks on the coffee table and also puts them back in the box (hope this "cleaning up" continues:-) and also loves eating many finger foods.

We are currently planning her party for the 29th of August... it's an "eco-bration", with a polka dot/bubble theme and it's bitter sweet but going to be great!

Check out my new pic. and haircut in my sidebar... not styled bc after work but hey at least it's an update.

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