Friday, September 4, 2009

Not a baby anymore...

Today was the first day I have only pumped to relieve my discomfort and it is a mix of emotions for me. I praise God that I have been able to breastfeed Madeline into her first full year of life (and even though I am stopping she still has about a two week freezer supply); however, I am going to miss (sounds strange to some I know) being her source of nourishment. My baby is not a baby anymore. She is trying to walk, she is babbling a lot more, she knows where her nose is, she has mastered that art of finger foods, etc. She's a toddler... and so even though this point of change in our life/relationship makes me miss the days when we were struggling to latch on or making a pumping schedule work while working I feel accomplished... we made it... most people don't or can't and for that I have been blessed...Now it is on to new experiences. I am a non-traditional breastfeeding veteran, retired until the next little family member calls me back to the line of duty... and I love my now trying to toddle toddler so much!

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