Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little late but... 18months old!

Maddie is a big kid!! She is running all over the place and turning into such a toddler and not a baby anymore. It's kinda bitter sweet. But anyway here are some of her stats at 18 months:

*weights 27.5 lbs.
*is 32" tall
*can say: mama, dada, dog, uh oh, duck, door, up, down, that, yum, hi & kinda says night-night
*LOVES her tent and tunnel; even has a "reading" corner
*climbs onto the coach and chaise
*eats MOSTLY with a fork and spoon
*isn't crazy about meat but loves hummus, sweet potatoes, pb&j, any fruit, spinach & curry
*Loves to see her best buddy Hannah
*hugs her dog-dogs
*loves to babble/talk to you in person or on the phone

This is just a little taste of what she's up to but I will def. post pictures soon!

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