Saturday, October 16, 2010

Justus Orchard Family Apple Adventure

Today we went to the apple orchard in Hendersonville, NC. I have always wanted to go apple picking (it's such a fall thing to do) and today we had the most wonderful family day trip! Be sure to check out all the great pictures, a link is posted in the sidbar to see more than these three. Ben slept in his carrier the whole time but we take that he had fun since he didnt cry. Madeline had a blast! She kept saying, "ubples" "pick" and "eat". She helped pick some and carry the basket (until it got apples in it) but once she got one to eat she went to town! The also had draft horses giving hayrides and while we didn't take a ride she was super excited about seeing the horses. She kept saying "hos" and"yide" once she saw it. Once we paid for our apples (a GREAT price by the way!) we enjoyed a cider slush and apple cider doughnuts...YUMMY! We ended up picking Mutsu, Cameo, and Pink Lady apples and I can't wait to get cooking. It was a wonderful day and I think we have definately started a new Connor family tradition.

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