Saturday, October 27, 2012

Haloween's just getting started!

This year the kids will definetly get the value out of their costumes. On Thursday we went to Project Pumpkin at my building. I forgot photos but the kids had fun! Benjamin LOVED tossing the balls in the "jack-o-lantern" mouth. Madeline even was able to guess where the candy was on the cup game. She's got a good eye, lol.

Today we went to the Evanston Farmers Market as usual. However, today they had a kids section for those under 12 who came in costume. The got a goody bag with fun, non candy things plus some of the vendors gave out things like apples and they even got a pumpkin for free!

Then, come lunchtime we ventured out to Old Orchard Mall (kind of like Sandhills for my SC folks:-) they had a TON of things to do! They got pumpkins, made cute hand ghosts, had a picture drawn of them both, got treats and stickers, and a glitter tattoo!

Tomorrow we're going to Whole Foods after church and who knows what is the plan for the 31st! But hey, it's free fun:-)

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