Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving and more

Over the weekend before Thanksgiving we headed out for adventure. Leaving Friday EARLY in the morning we got a taxi and headed to O'Hare. Other than the stress of going thru security the kids did wonderful on their first flight. We left straight from the airport (after meeting Grandma & Papa TC for the rental car-thank u!) and drove to SC. We were so excited to see all of our great friends and grateful to the Vitters for their hospitality. Madeline & Hannah loved being together 24/7 & I was so excited to finally meet Hayden! Plus it was wonderful to get to hang out with adults and catch up with my best bud Katie (trying to get a word in when the girls talk on the phone is almost impossible, though cute). We lucked out and even got to see the Millers before they flew out:-) I also got to go for drinks with SC work friends. Plus, Adam got to go to youth & hang out with Hank.
Monday we said our "see you laters" and drove to NC. After that it went down hill. We all ended up with the flu and didn't get to see most of the family. It was the first time the kids have really been sick. Back in SC the Vitters got it too...who knows where it came from but yuck-o! Luckily no one threw up.
The flight home was less enjoyable. Not only did we have a layover in DC, our sickness was not over so everyone was grumpy and our heads hurt.
We relaxed the weekend and kept the kids out of school Monday to make sure they were well.
We can't wait to visit again and stay well the next trip:-) maybe not traveling during flu session...

One other exciting thing: Benjamin has been working on potty training since we have returned and he is doing awesome! Today he even had his first bm in the potty! He is wearing big boy undies and school except for nap-time.
I'm so proud of my little man!

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