Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our FREE weekend fun!

Saturday we went to the North Park Maple Fest. It was pretty awesome to talk the guided walk to the "sugar bush" (grouping of maple trees) with the kids. Madeline learned what nocturnal means, we saw a tree that the native Americans in the area used the sharp thorns for sewing needles, and was how trees are tapped. The kids now know tree=sap=syrup (when heated). The guide has a great analogy of bark is to skin as sap is to blood. Meaning that like we can give blood the tree can give sap without killing it. We sampled syrup right off the fire too! Yum! They also had wood circles for the kids to make a simple toy.
Once we left we headed to Whole Foods for an inexpensive lunch and ended up having another adventure. They had a scavenger hunt and other activities going on in the store. They kids got to make spring chicks out of eggs, paint Easter eggs and we went around the store finding facts about eggs on Easter eggs for which they each got an awesome goodie bag! Organic jelly beans, a windup toy, organic fruit strip and stickers! Plus, educationally they learned about egg facts from the hunt...for example I thought the ostrich laid the largest egg but its actually the whale shark! We ended the day with some seminary friends birthday celebration and getting to make delicious homemade tamales...which are so easy to make! I am so trying my hand at this soon especially since my hubby liked them:-)

Enjoy the pics!

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