Friday, April 19, 2013

What a fun weekend

Last weekend the kids and I spent the day together while Adam went to a game with some friends. And wow! The kids behaved wonderfully! I even grocery shopped with no issues or meltdowns! (Thank you Whole Foods for strategically placed samples) at lunch what I consider the highest compliment happened, a total stranger commented on how well behaved, cute and healthy eating habits the two have. I was in proud mom heaven:-) when we got home and put the groceries away we headed to the park for a bit. After playing catch and swinging the kiddos drove into he sand ox with their tools and got to work "gardening". I got to go over SFG squares with Madeline and then she played "how many?" With the SFG she drew in the sand. (I.e. how many radishes in a square? A:16)
Come Sunday, on of Benjamin's classmates turned three and had his party at Monkey Joes. We decided to take Madeline too and one of us go with her and the other go with Ben to the party. The kids & Adam had a blast and I wish I hadn't forgotten socks so I could have joined in the fun. One things for sure, they slept well that night!

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