Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing much new here...

Well, Rush is over and I finally have a minute to breathe. The new rental program at work went over really well and is sure to be a big hit from here on out. I have been working on getting another Go Green Bible Study going in conjunction with other studies at the church and cant wait to start the book Serve God, Save the Planet with the group.

Adam is still pushing forward in the job markets and we feel we are on the verge of a breakthrough. God provides, God is Good, God WILL answer. One things for sure, he has been the best during rush. Cooking, cleaning, everything... I married the best man ever!

Madeline is growing and learning more each day. She has starting trying out the r sounds and can say dog, mama, dada, dat (that), duck, and yum. Sometimes we think we understand more but she sure does jabber lots:-) She is 17 months old today! Most of her 18 month clothing is getting too short and she just got new shoes... size 5.5! Wow! It's like her foot ate some miracle grow or something!

I have a few new pictures to come soon! Thanks for following!

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