Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Update of our lives...

Well Rush is here (at my job) so the blog is not getting updated nearly enough. So here's a quick run down of our lives:

Madeline is all over the place every day. She's trying really hard to talk & LOVES to dance! She also loves to read and be read to. I cant believe she's already 16 months... 17 months here soon! Feels like we just had her birthday party!

Adam and I are well. He's still on the job hunt daily but we feel that God is really at work and will open doors soon. Along the same lines, I have recently been promoted to the Trade Book Manager position and I LOVE IT! I am incharge of all our general reading (which is alot at USC), our marketing/signage, as well as the pilot textbook rental program. So while I love all my cafe friends I truely enjoy this new position and feel that God is/will truely bless us through it.

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