Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walmart just gained a few points with our family...

Most people know that I am not a huge Walmart fan but they have started to win me over a little. They just switched the Faded Glory clothing line (babies thru adult clothing) to organic cotton and recycled denim! While the dyes used to color the clothing are not natural this is a BIG step in the right direction! The way I look @ it...Walmart is one of the largest purchasers of many different things and if that is now the case with organically grown cotton that will increase the demand and decrease the cost. That's a win for the environment and our wallet. While I still feel that consignment "gently used" clothing is the most eco-friendly and I LOVE KD's Treehouse on Devine Street for a special occasion I can now say that if Madeline (or any of us for that matter) need some type of new clothing item I will actually think of Walmart now. Check them out! I didn't look at everything but the little girls clothing is very cute and very soft!

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