Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yummy! I made homemade strawberry jam!

So, this is the finished product. For some reason the pictures are in reverse order. I am so proud of myself! I have been wanted to try my hand at canning for some while and went with something "easy" to start and it turned out great! It spreads well and best of all it's 100% organic!

All you had to do to seal the jars was ladle the hot jam in the jars, put on the top and ring and flip them upside down to cool completely. Once they cooled 100% you flip them over, press the top down and if it doesn't pop back up it's good for one whole year!

This is the jam "in process"...it was a GREAT recipe that to do everything only took about 1 hour. Plus there isn't any store bought pectin in it! I found out green apples have a high pectin content that contrasts strawberries lower content so all you do is grate a granny smith apple and you have plenty of pectin without using a chemically derived product! I can't wait to try something else...salsa maybe? (If my tomato plant will ever flower...)

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  1. It is so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing. My jar is at least halfway gone :)