Sunday, June 20, 2010

Picture People, Take Two & Fun Weekend

Thursday night once I got off work we tried to take Madeline to have her picture taken...only she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Welcome to the almost two's it guess...:-) Lucky for us they do not have sitting fees so we just rescheduled for Sat. and went home.
My parents also came down for the weekend and brought Maddie's new toddler bed; which once we get it set up I'll post pictures! They were a big help @ pictures Sat. since they provided a new distraction. The session started off rough because all Madeline wanted to do was cry because we wouldn't let her play on the computers but in the end we got some really cute shots. Some of the weekends other highlights included getting Indian food (yummy!), watching movies and getting to spend Father's day with the best Dad a girl could ask for and the best husband ever! Two very awesome men, for sure! All in all a wonderful weekend...Madeline had fun because she said her goodbyes and went down for her nap without a fight...a sure sign of a happily worn out toddler:-)

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