Saturday, June 26, 2010

Madeline is now in a toddler bed!

I'm such a big girl!

Her "big girl" room

Her toddler bed. Thank you Pop-pop and Gigi! Her nursery bedding works great as the comforter and bed skirt!

She didn't even fall out after her first nap in the new bed!

I cant believe how fast Maddie is growing! It was so bitter sweet tonight to watch her crawl right into bed and lay down. I love being able to tuck her in again though because being 27 weeks pregnant the crib was crazy hard for me to get her in and out of.
Also, I have to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband who, while I was @ our yard sale cleaned our room, moved the crib into our room, cleaned Madeline's room and set up her big girl bed. Thank you honey!

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