Monday, July 5, 2010

What a fun weekend!

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend with our friends Chad, Sarah & Justin. I had to work Sat. for most of the day but they all went out to the waterpark at Fort Jackson and enjoyed the day splashing around. Once I was off work and Madeline napped we all went to Hudson's for a yummy dinner and then headed out to the Gilbert Peach festival. In the year's past we have gone there earlier in the day but it was nice not to go at the heat of the day plus enjoy a great view of free fireworks. We ran into our friends from church, Breanna and Elliot, and bought some really good peach shortcake for dessert. Madeline was a BIG fan of the dessert! She enjoyed playing with her god parents and "uncle" from NC and ran around in the grass playing & "tickling" everyone. She also stayed up way past her bedtime but LOVED the fireworks. She kept saying "ohh" and "whao" and what we think was pretty.
Sunday we went to church and heard our new pastor speak then went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then later that afternoon (after naps) we enjoyed the swimming area at the lake. For dinner we had a tasty grilled selection of veggies and chicken...perfect on July 4th. The watermelon & chocolate eclair was the best though!
We all seemed to have a really great time and had lots of fun together. I am glad that Madeline got to spend time with them; she had alot of fun! Now today we are enjoying my day off and relaxing after running out to Toys R Us to get Madeline's Birthday gift (it was on clearance so we had to go ahead and get it)....not bad to get a $100 toy for half price:-)

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