Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas with Gigi & Poppa & Great Grandma

Our tree with all the presents Gigi, Poppa and Great Grandma brought
Opening gifts

Ben in his new hat

Madeline with her "lips"

Happy Baby

We had a wonderful visit with family. Friday night after a very yummy dinner at Uno we celebrated Christmas with my parents and grandma. The kids had a blast; especially Madeline...she totally "gets" Christmas this year. She loved all her gifts; especially the baby doll bed from great grandma, the lip gloss from Gigi and Poppa, and the toy box from Great Nannie. Ben was so cute the whole time and had as much fun as a 3 month old can. Adam and I both loved our gifts are we are all so thankful for family that loves us so much to bless us with these new things.

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