Monday, December 20, 2010

Little Kid Craft Extravaganza!

"Sharing" the pink chair


Hannah and Madeline's gingerbread houses

Mary Scott and Benjamin got to "play" too!

So Cute!
Tonight we had craft time with Madeline, Benjamin, Hannah and Mary Scott! Thanks everyone for coming (special thanks to Llora, a much needed extra helper:-) Ben slept through most of it but did wake up to make something special for his grandparents;-0 wink, wink. Mary Scott even got in on the fun! The gingerbread houses were a great hit too! The could care less if it looked right but it was amazing that they just knew to but decorate the houses. Such smart girls. Thanks to Katy for bring the balls and to Katie for the paints and such. I hope we all can do this in the future; Mary Scott and Benjamin are super close in age just like Madeline and Hannah so we have years of fun to come:-) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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