Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today's little Pinterest project

A few weeks ago I pinned how to make felt tea bags for Madeline's tea set. Honestly, I wanted to make them a part of the Christmas gift but time got the best of me.
Today I finally got around to making them with her. She was so excited! However, after helping trace the pattern and pick the colors she was done because cutting the felt with her safety scissors was a bit difficult. She was very into watching though. It started off as a super easy project but by the end my sewing machine and I were at odds. Don't get me wrong, I love learning with my machine and this project was simple but I didn't plan on learning how to take apart the shuttle on the machine and then do it about a million times because my machine was hungry for the bobbin the way, if you know how to fix this issue comments are SO very welcome!

At any rate, I finished and the results turned out pretty cute, if I say so. They are not perfect but the do the job:-)

PS- we put tiny dried beans in the tea bags to make it look like there is tea in them:-)

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