Tuesday, March 10, 2009

G Diapers Rock!

So, I decided to take a moment to rave about the type of diapers we chose to use. G Diapers are an eco-friendly hybrid diapering system that consist of an adorable cloth cover, snapping waterproof liner, and fully flushable liner. They have even come out with a cloth insert to make these diapers even more eco and cost effective. Madeline not only looks cute in her stylish covers (she has many colors) but the little "g" on the bum is so cute! Plus, she has never gotten true diaper rash which I atribute to the fact we never use chlorine, chemically created diapers on her precious skin. I just wanted all the future parents out there to know that there is a cost effective diaper that is kinder to the environment and your baby's skin. You can find them at gdiapers.com, diapers.com and babiesrus.com (and in some babies r us stores).

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