Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gymboree Classes

We signed up with The Picture People's Portrait Club not to long ago, and with it came a month's worth of free classes of Gymboree. I took Maddie yesterday and she had a blast! She loved rolling on the wedges and mats. She really loved the bubbles! She would try and grab them and she was so cute when they popped. She looked back at me like "Dad, where'd they go?" She even made some new friends too! I got a feeling the teens years are going to kill me, cause she was holding a little boy's hand for a good part of morning. He was playing with what little hair she has and they both got to laughing at each other. Regardless of the fact that our little girl is growing up way to fast, it was so cute to see her interacting with other babies. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up later today.

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